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Achieving excellence is the result of careful consideration, constant refinement and patience. That’s precisely why the 2017 Chevrolet Captiva is the refined article it is. Its sleek yet athletic design, expertly chosen materials and advanced safety and entertainment systems are testament of the heritage of excellence on which it’s built. Step inside to discover the most versatile, luxurious and sophisticated Captiva yet.


The Chevrolet Captiva introduces the new Chevrolet MyLink, our exclusive infotainment system which allows you to stream your favorite songs, get directions and access your contacts simply by connecting your smartphone via USB or Bluetooth.


Every drive is made simpler thanks to an infotainment system that gives you a smart and easy way to integrate your smartphone with your car through Apple CarPlay. Access your favorite apps and other features by voice command via Siri, with dials located on the steering wheel or through the 7-inch high-resolution color touch-screen display.


Whether prowling the city streets or exploring uncharted territory, the Captiva cuts a fine figure. Its athletic silhouette is given an elegant aspect by the flowing lines which begin at the chrome dual-port grille and run smoothly past the two-tone, 17 and 19-inch alloy wheels, all the way to the LED-studded rear lights. Its carefully crafted design is made all the more dazzling by the addition of Projector Headlamps which are teamed with LED daytime running lights to ensure that your presence never comes as a surprise to other road users. Your safety is further enhanced by Captiva’s Rear View Camera which includes Dynamic Guideline technology to show you the true distance of objects in your path when reversing.

The redesigned dual-port grille is framed by an elegant chrome trim and proudly features Chevrolet’s classic gold bow-tie logo.

Sporty and durable 19-inch

Two-tone alloy wheels allude to the power that lies under the hood.

High-performance dual exhaust pipes

High-performance dual exhaust pipes sit alongside the Rear Park Assist sensors.

Sporty LED-studded taillights

Sporty LED-studded taillights gracefully follow the Captiva’s aerodynamic contours.

The Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS)

System allows you to unlock and start your Captiva without taking the key from your pocket (optional). This system operates in conjunction with the immobilizer, to ensure that nobody else is afforded the same luxury.

Electronic Parking Brake

The handbrake can be engaged or disengaged quickly and comfortably with this handy, space-saving button.

8 Way Adjustable Seats

Adjust the height, tilt and lumbar support of your seat with 8 different ways to customize your comfort (optional).


New Chevrolet MyLink with Apple Carplay

Pairs with your phone through Apple Carplay, allowing you to operate your smartphone through the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system. With a touch of the screen, you can access online radio stations, messaging services and other compatible apps while. You can even write messages or notes and issue voice commands without taking your hands off the wheel.

Dual-Zone Climate Control System

Maintain separate temperatures on the left and right sides of the cabin. The precisely controlled air-flow is also kept clean and fresh, thanks to the integrated Ionizer, which strips incoming air of pollutants and odors.

Cruise Control

Enjoy long drives in your Captiva with Cruise Control. Set and maintain or regulate your speed with the help of conveniently located dials on the steering wheel.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Informs you of real-time tire pressure so that you can ensure that all four tire are always inflated to the proper pressure.


The strength of the new Captiva doesn’t just lie in its stylish exterior and amazing horsepower. Captiva’s comprehensive and innovative safety features are designed to let you feel confident on every journey. With an array of safety technology such as Hill Descent Control, Side Blind Zone Alert and Electronic Stability Control system.


  • The Captiva promises a smooth and quiet ride thanks to its McPherson Strut and stabilizer, 4-dimension, Multi-link suspension system.

  • The Captiva’s impressive load-bearing capabilities can be partly attributed to the self-levelizer system that works to distribute weight equally around the car to accommodate large loads and uneven passenger distribution.



Drive with peace of mind in every situation with 8 safety systems that work together to optimize balance, control and safety.

ESC prevents your Chevrolet from skidding out of control by applying brake pressure to the wheels that need it and by limiting engine power, when necessary.


The Captiva features side-curtain airbags, Double SRS front airbags and a high strength body frame for enhanced safety.

Active Headrest

The active headrest aims to reduce impact to the neck by minimizing excessive rearward movement of the head in a rear-end collision. It works by using the force to the occupants body against the seatback to move the head restraint forward instantaneously supporting the head to protect the neck of any occupant on board..

Pre-tensioners Safety belts

Pre-tensioner safety belts reduce any shock passengers experience by tightening the safety belts in the event of a collision at the moment of impact. This pre-emptive tightening also improves the effectiveness of the airbags.


ISOFIX is a rigid fixing system designed to automatically lock your child’s car seat without the need to use an adult safety belt. Instead, your child’s car seat will be attached securely and directly to the frame of your car. The ISOFIX is a system that is easier, faster, and much safer for your child.



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