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New Duramax


Turbo Diesel Engine


When it comes to all-round performance, Colorado packs a punch. Its impressive balance of power, handling and fuel efficiency keeps you in your element on commutes, heavy-duty work days and when exploring new roads. Whatever the adventure demands, Colorado delivers.

New 2.8L Duramax Turbo Diesel Engine

At the heart of the Colorado revs a new 2.8L Variable Geometry Turbo (VGTi) Duramax engine. With 200 hp at 3,600 rpm and 500 Nm torque at 2,000 rpm, the fuel-efficient, turbo-diesel powerplant delivers dynamic and responsive performance across different applications. A new Centrifugal Pendulum Absorber (CPA) reduces overall noise and vibration levels from powertrain to passenger cabin, ensuring a ride that’s quieter then ever.

6-Speed Transmission

Colorado’s spirited and efficient powerplant is mated to a smooth shifting 6-Speed Automatic or Manual Transmission.

4WD Control Switch

Switch between 4WD and 2WD modes in seconds. In 4WD mode, Colorado delivers additional traction for steep, muddy and bumpy roads. For everyday driving conditions, engaging 2WD provides more fuel economy and efficiency

Duramax 2.8 VGTi








Drive the future with the first truck in its segment to support Apple CarPlay™†. Be it entertainment, connectivity or navigation, Colorado keeps you ahead and in touch via Chevrolet MyLink, a new infotainment system developed and owned by Chevrolet. It’s your command center powered by an 8” touch-screen display giving you intelligent voice control of your music, contacts and journey. By integrating your technology, Colorado makes your drive richer and more rewarding.

†Vehicle user interfaces are products of Apple and their terms and privacy statements apply. Requires compatible smartphone and data plan rates apply. Apple CarPlay™ is a trademark of Apple Inc. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Chevrolet MyLink

Access all your technology from one infotainment system. Chevrolet MyLink lets you pair your device via Bluetooth or USB connection, seamlessly integrating your life with your drive. Up to 7 devices can be paired to accommodate all your needs. Choose from Apple CarPlay to sync your contacts, music and maps in a matter of minutes.

Apple CarPlay is the smarter, safer way to use your iPhone when driving. Just connect your Apple device via USB or Bluetooth to cast that familiar interface onto the Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system display. Integrate your contacts, maps, music and use Siri voice control to make calls, listen to voicemails, read, write and send text messages. As an extension of your iPhone, Apple CarPlay also supports a variety of other apps on your iPhone.

Vehicle user interfaces are products of Apple and their terms and privacy statements apply. Requires compatible smartphone and data plan rates apply. Apple CarPlay™ is a trademark of Apple Inc. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Apple CarPlay

You will be impressed with the remote start, a key feature that lets you start the engine from outside the truck. It even allows you to turn on the air conditioning system automatically at 25 C. Furthermore, you also have remote control of all 4 electrically adjustable windows.

Remote Start

Smart Start - With Remote Start, Colorado is ready before you are. Colorado’s electronic key comes with the time-saving features that help enhance your daily drive.

Electric Power Steering

Negotiate corners with more precision and confidence. Electric Power Steering (EPS) provides a more precise response and reduced vibration from the wheel to steering wheel. It is also more energy efficient, resulting in improved gas mileage and long-term durability.

Electrochromic Rear View Mirror

No more squinting and being blinded by glare. This advanced feature detects oncoming and rear light conditions to automatically darken the rear view mirror, eliminating unwanted glare.

Cruise Control

Take it easy on extended drives. Control and set your cruising speed with the help of conveniently located cruise control dials on the steering wheel.

Inside Door Chrome Handle

A chrome handle adds a luxurious sheen to the new, refined interior of Colorado High Country. The High Country logo is proudly emblazoned on a polished logo plate, reinforcing the premium build of Colorado High Country.

6-Way Adjustable Seats

Customize your comfort with electronically adjustable seats controlled by a 6-way switch. Find the best lateral position, seat height, seat angle and back-rest angle for your drive.

Auto Air Conditioning

By automatically regulating interior temperature and adjusting blowers accordingly, you enjoy cabin temperature that’s just right. You won’t have to fuss with air-conditioning controls anymore.

Smart Safety

Driving the all-new Chevrolet Colorado bolsters the confidence. Every mile traveled comes with peace of mind, thanks to a host of active and passive safety features designed to protect you and your passengers in times that matter most. Furthermore, with intelligent features at your disposal it’ll be like having a helpful co-driver with you all the time.

Safety That Starts On The Inside

Rigid And Durable Frame

Beneath its rugged exterior, Colorado features a durable frame capable of withstanding heavy bending forces. Extra support beams built into door panels help protect passengers from side collisions. A rigid chassis offers resistance against bending forces, retaining maximum stability and traction at curb weight or when fully loaded. Colorado also comes standard with driver, passenger and knee airbags, offering additional protection and peace of mind.

Protection That Never Sleeps

Forward Collission Alert

At speeds of 40 km/h upwards, a camera mounted on the rear view mirror along with a front sensor analyzes and evaluates the distance between your truck and the vehicle in front. If you come in too close to the vehicle in front, the system sends out an image and audio alert to the driver.

Front & Rear Park Assist

Parking is eaiser with sensors that are installed in eight points from the front to rear bumper. The system sends out an image and audio alert to keep the driver aware of the distance between the truck and any obstacle.

Lane Departure Warning

If you drift out of your lane without using the indicator turn signals at speeds of 60 km/h upwards, the system sends out an image and audio alert immediately.

Colorado Trims









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