The road ahead may test and challenge you. You would want a tough truck that is capable of performing in any situation.


Colorado X-Cab is designed to work hard and respond to your driving needs. Arrive at all destinations quickly with the   powerful yet fuel-efficient 2.5L Duramax turbo 

diesel engine. Advanced suspension and a durable body make light work of heavy loading and demanding duties. 


At the same time, Colorado X-Cab provides a smooth  driving 

experience and grips firmly both on straights and curves. Above all, you will feel peace of mind with a host of safety features          

that offer more protection than the average truck 


Experience a new level of comfort and convenience in a completely redesigned interior finely crafted with premium equipment. There is also Chevrolet MyLink, an innovative infotainment system that helps you stay entertained and in touch.

Connect your iPhone with Apple CarPlay™,  an innovation that uses phone integration for added safety and convenience while driving.


With all these features and more, Colorado  X-Cab is perfect for both performance and functionality. It’s a pickup truck that’s tough like you. 



Chevrolet MyLink features a variety of intelligent functions. Listen to the news on your favorite radio channels or watch popular TV series via AUX or USB inputs. You can also view your photos from a slide show album and should you receive a call, the system will automatically switch to calling mode. The system gives you control with a touch-screen and a convenient voice recognition feature that lets you keep your hands on the steering wheel for a safer journey.

Moreover, Colorado is the first truck in its segment to offer phone integration through Apple CarPlay ™.

1.  Apple CarPlay™  The smart and safer way to use your iPhone when driving. Key functions of your iPhone will be displayed on the touch screen, allowing you to make calls, read, write and send a text messages, listen to music from your library and use other applications on your iPhone.

2.  Siri®  A virtual personal assistant that travels with you everywhere. You can command Siri on your iPhone to perform your desired function by using your voice in a variety of languages, including Thai.

3.  Messages  By using your Siri® voice command, you can receive and send messages as well as ask Siri® to help you read and type your message without looking at the screen when driving.

4. Phone Stay in touch and in control when answering or declining a call. Return a missed call or listen to voicemail without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

5.  Music Stream and select your favorite songs from the music library on your iPhone or ask Siri® to search for a new song on Apple Music.


The engine is developed with advanced automotive technology and features a balance of power, fuel-efficiency and environ-mental friendliness. It delivers superior driving performance while offering functional usability and comfort.

1.  2.5L Duramax Turbo-Diesel Engine  

Break new ground with a 2.5L Duramax diesel direct injection engine featuring 4 cylinders, 16 valves, DOHC with Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) and intercooler delivering 180 horsepower @3,600 rpm and 440 Nm of torque @2,000 rpm.

2.  Electric Power Steering  

The Electric Power Steering is highly precise and accurate. Steering weight varies according to the truck’s speed.

• At low speed (driving in traffic jam or when parking) The steering wheel feels lighter in order to help you steer easier.

 At high speed (driving on the highway)

The steering wheel gradually feels heavier as you increase speed. This enables you to steer firmly with more stability. In addition, control and handling are improved to help you avoid accidents. 

3.  6-Speed Automatic Transmission with Manual Mode Function 

This automatic transmission offers a combination of convenience and driving excitement. The driver can choose to have more control over gear changes for driving dynamics similar to a conventional manual transmission.



LS: Manual transmission, Extended Cab, Dual airbags, Air condition, 195/80R15 steel wheels, Radio
LT: Manual transmission, Extended Cab,  Dual airbags, air condition,  215/70R16 alloy wheels, Radio
LTZ: Manual Transmission, Extended Cab, Three airbags, Air Condition, 265/60R18 alloy wheels, Infotainment System